Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Pain Relief

Relief from pain and discomfort is one of the main reasons why people opt for cupping therapy. It can provide relief from various conditions like neck and back pain, rheumatism, migraines, and cancer. Multiple clinical trials showed that compared to traditional treatments, cupping offered positive effects for relieving cancer pain compared to analgesics and anti-cancer drugs.

Cupping targets deep tissues by creating suction and lifting the skin over the muscles allowing blood vessels and capillaries to expand. As the area receives fresh infusion of blood, it's flooded with nutrients and oxygen that work to heal the damage and injuries. In addition, the blood carries away the accumulation of toxins, dead cells, and other debris that may be hampering healing and causing pain. As a result of better blood circulation, the tensed muscles and stiff tissues relax. Not only is the discomfort alleviated but the client also has a sense of relaxation that helps lower stress levels. Cupping can be used along with acupressure, massage therapy, and heat therapy.


Poor circulation can lead to buildup of toxins inside of the body’s tissues. This buildup can be the root cause of many different health conditions. Cupping helps to improve stagnation, while the blood rushing to the area that’s being treated carries away toxins. Along with those toxins, it helps to clear dead cells and other debris. All of these elements are then expelled naturally. That’s why drinking lots of water after a cupping session is a good idea for flushing away those impurities and promoting better health.

Relieving digestive disorders

Cupping is an effective practice for relieving symptoms of digestive disorders, like water retention, diarrhea, stomach cramps, gastritis, loss of appetite, IBS, and a host of gastrointestinal diseases. It works partly because of the stress-relieving effects, which has been strongly linked to healthier digestion. Stress, tension and anxiety are all communicated to organs throughout the body, including digestive processes. When that happens, things start to get congested, and as a result, you feel bloated and constipated. Cupping releases the stagnation, helping to get things moving along, and relaxing you so that systems function normally again.

Promote Healing from Injuries

Inflammation is part of the body’s defense mechanism, which helps kick things into action to help heal illness and injury. If you suffer from a muscular injury the area becomes inflamed, which helps to flood the injured muscle with blood, along with nutrients, platelets, white blood cells and fibroblasts to aid in healing. Cupping therapy works much the same way by drawing blood to the affected area so that new blood vessels can be created. This is why athletes opt for the modality. It works to bring nutrients to their muscles and heals the micro tears that occur because of the rigorous training they undertake. Most important, it helps carry away the toxins released by the repairing of tissues. In this way, cupping heals the knots and adhesions in the tissues. Any kind of injuries including plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other musculoskeletal issues respond very well to cupping therapy.

Relief from Respiratory Issues

Cupping is highly effective in helping with respiratory issues such as colds, the flu, congestion, cough, buildup of phlegm, and pulmonary tuberculosis. When suction is performed on the chest, it has the effect of boosting the immune function by promoting blood flow and the draining of lymph fluid. For this reason, cupping help with asthma, seasonal allergies, and chest infections.

Treating carpal tunnel syndrome

Studies show cup provides temporary relief of pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and a single session can significantly ease pain and symptoms for up to a week.

Promotes relaxation

Similar to deep tissue massage (by way of reverse pressure) cupping, offers wonderful, relaxing relief, as it helps to lift the pressure from tense muscles. After cups are placed on the skin and suctioned, they can remain for as long as 20 minutes, allowing one to be still and in a relaxed state as it sedates the central nervous system.

Clear, Flawless Skin, and Anti-Aging

By improving blood circulation, cupping improves the appearance of the skin. The suction has the effect of promoting the rejuvenation of the layer of collagen and elastin under the skin. When this layer produces more cells and plumps up, the skin also looks and feels better. Cupping can help to heal skin conditions including eczema and cellulite and lessen the appearance of scars. It has been found to offer anti-aging effects like fighting wrinkles. It brings more nutrients to the skin, which helps give it a glowing, younger appearance. The lifting motion helps to reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles. The connecting tissues underneath facial skin are stimulated, helping to reduce smile and laugh lines, and, if you’re suffering from puffiness, it can help drain fluid in the lymph glands that result in reduced edema. The massaging movements alone are known to help relax tense facial muscles, which results in younger, and even softer looking skin. Whether your skin is dry or oily, cupping can offer these outstanding aesthetic benefits. And, it’s all natural – no knives or lasers necessary.

Cupping therapy is a 3,000-year old healing modality that was developed by different cultures across the world. Called by different names, healers have used cupping to treat various ailments ranging from musculoskeletal, dermal, and digestive to psychological conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety. The therapy can also be used to treat physical illnesses that result from mental stress and anxiety.The most interesting feature of cupping is that you can use it in conjunction with other forms of healing to enhance their results. Millions of people across the world have shown marked improvements after using the therapy. It is safe, non-invasive, and rarely has any side effects if taken from a well-trained, certified therapist. Inside, read more about the main categories of ailments that cupping therapy can help with.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping marks are caused by suction from the cups verses pressure like in the case of trauma, and works to bring toxins to the surface. Cupping marks typically do not cause pain and if there is any discomfort, it is minimal and goes away quickly.

How long will cupping marks last and what do they indicate?

Coloring typically ranges from bright red to darker purple, and can last from 3 days to a week. Darker coloring means that there's a high level of toxins and stagnation in the section of the body. In this case, the marks can last for up to 3 weeks. However, if there are hardly any toxins, the coloring could be just a light pink and is likely to dissipate within a few hours. If the initial treatment caused darker colored marks, subsequent sessions result in lighter and lighter marks as the pathogens leave the body. After a point, there will be no marks whatsoever even if more intense suction is performed or longer duration. In cases where the client has experienced an injury, multiple cupping sessions may be needed to induce healing in the deeper tissues of the body.